Kathy Moore Clinic:  The Horse-Human Connection
DATE : 05-27-2019
TIME : 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Per Ticket Price: $150

Kathy Moore Clinic: The Horse-Human Connection

You are invited to the first in a series of Clinics that focuses on understanding and implementing fundamentals of the Horse-Human Connection.  You will experience demonstrations and hands-on, interactive sessions that will assist you to read and work with your horse at a deeper level.
Whether you are an instructor, a pleasure or competitive rider, working with equine therapy, conducting EAL activities, or someone who just wants to improve your relationship with your horse, this clinic is for you!  What you will experience from this hands-on clinic applies equally to Western, English, Dressage, Cross-Country, and Jumping.
If you are interested in how to:
          • improve your relationship with your horse;
          • establish the leadership qualities your horse wants to follow;
          • achieve unquestioned trust and willingness from your horse;
          • get your horse to choose the best and safest behavior response;
          • establish a common basis of communication as part of the horse herd;
          • change your behavior to benefit the horse herd and achieve a good, solid partnership;
          • promote your horse’s emotional fitness; and
          • change your approach to effect immediate shifts in your horse’s response .....


Kathy Moore–accomplished Natural Horsemanship Instructor, EAGALA certified equine specialist, E3A Advanced Practitioner with a Specialty in Corporate Training, E3A Master Trainer, and Owner of Sugarfoot Jog Ranch in Waller, Texas–travels throughout Texas and the United States conducting multi-person riding and groundwork clinics and Natural Horsemanship demonstrations.  She began her career in 2001, after attending the Parelli International Student School in Ocala, Florida, and has studied with numerous renowned Natural Horsemanship Practitioners, including Joe Wolter, Buck Brannaman, Dave Ellis and Chris Irwin.
Kathy realized that, while specializing in colt-starts, restarts, and training difficult horses, she was also facilitating significant changes within the owners.  That work became a natural segue into Equine Experiential Learning, focusing on the horse-human connection and building on the strengths of the relationship.
As an E3A Master Trainer, Kathy teaches trainers how to facilitate corporate team building and leadership workshops.  As an E3A Advanced Practitioner, Kathy works with corporations and small businesses, offering an innovative approach to individual, team, and organizational learning.  Her clients benefit from transformational improvements in communication, teamwork, leadership, and overall individual and corporate performance.
She recently has been successfully working with girls that are victims of human trafficking and young adolescents that have aged out of the Foster Care System.
Kathy graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Interior Design.  She has also been a co-owner of an automobile dealership where she helped train horses for advertising campaigns and TV spots for the dealership.

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Kathy Moore Clinic: The Horse-Human Connection

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