Adult/Personal Development

Are you feeling stuck? Do you struggle to balance the responsibilities of career, life, relationships, and family? Do you need a fresh perspective or new direction?
Life has changed in many ways over the past few years. Along with our children and youth, adults are facing many new challenges and are learning to navigate through the increasing division and demands of today’s world.

Spirit Song’s Adult and Personal Development programs assist participants in identifying the thoughts, beliefs, and values which impact their personal decision-making and behaviors. Personal beliefs and values are often deeply engrained and have the potential to create unconscious, and often undesirable, patterns of behavior and interaction. Through activities with our equine partners, Spirit Song’s trained facilitators help participants work through the process of identifying these behaviors and values, leading to awareness and positive action steps to set them on a path to success and well-being. Spirit Song utilizes a transformative coaching model, partnering with the horses to de-code the behaviors and actions that are potentially holding participants back on their journey to personal growth. Our equine partners provide powerful feedback, leading participants to life-changing insights and a renewed sense of confidence and passion to pursue their goals and step into their purpose.