Couples/Family Enrichment

Horses are herd animals, and their social structure holds many similarities to human relationships. The ways in which horses interact with their environment, and with people, can teach us a lot about ourselves and how we relate to our “herds” and our environment. Spirit Song’s Couple and Family programs provide unique opportunities for spouses and family units to interact in unmounted, arena activities with horses, promoting exceptional feedback and impactful learning opportunities. Through these activities, horses provide unbiased, nonjudgmental feedback of the interactions they have with their human counterparts. Our trained facilitators interpret this feedback and use a coaching model to discuss this feedback with participants. These activities offer a glimpse into the patterns and default behaviors of the individual participants, as well as how these behaviors impact harmony, or lack thereof, to bring awareness to positive changes which could benefit the relationships. Through the interactions with the horses and the facilitator’s coaching, beneficial action steps can then be established to set participants on a path to success.