Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons – Spirit Song’s Mounted Program provides riding lessons that uniquely combine horseback riding with life-skill awareness and development. Students enrolled in Spirit Song’s riding program gain experience beyond basic riding skills; they learn all aspects of equine care and responsibility. This awareness of the horse’s wellbeing, and the time and commitment required to properly care for an equine partner, creates capable and informed caretakers of the horse. Important life skills, such as communication, leadership, teamwork, and responsibility are explored, not only from the perspective of the human-to-horse connection, but also from the perspective of human-to-human interaction. Expanding upon Spirit Song’s Building Blocks programs, which also teach an array of life skills, parallels are drawn to life in general, fostering your young person’s awareness of the cause and effect that their behavior has, not only on their own lives, but on others’ lives as well. Options are explored to provide a “toolbox” of skills to draw from in different situations, equipping the student to make wise choices in life; all connecting back to what was learned by partnering with a horse. Tours, by appointment only, are encouraged and welcomed. Please contact Starr if you would like to visit our facilities and discover all that the riding program at Spirit Song has to offer.