Vision, Mission, Values
The “Spirit Song Way”

Since 2011

Helping Youth Through Equine-Assisted Training

Our Vision

To develop personal character in each student consistent with God’s unique, individual design. We promote self-acceptance, self-worth, and a true sense of belonging by providing equine-assisted learning experiences in which the spirit of a horse touches the spirit of the student, giving hope for a bright future. Achievement of our Vision is secured based on adoption of our Mission and Values Statements.





What Drives Us

Our Mission

To provide opportunities for each student to:

  • Gain insights into life’s challenges through interaction with equine partners.
  • To equip each student with Christ-centered life skills.
  • And, to guide each student through a decision process to promote beneficial, personal changes in their lives.


We Value the Partnership.

We understand and appreciate the nature of the equine herd and preserve the herd dynamic. Spirit Song Youth Equestrian Academy supports a safe environment for students, staff and equines, respecting mutual needs for the wellbeing of all.

We Value the Participant.

A strong equine assisted development experience is based on interaction. At Spirit Song Youth Equestrian Academy, we value the personality, creativeness, and opinions of each individual, staff, and academy participant in accomplishing our vision and mission.

We Value the Potential and the Possibilities.

At Spirit Song Youth Equestrian Academy, we specialize in reaching potential and creating possibilities. It’s at the heart of all we do in every equine-assisted learning experience. Our Equine partners help us learn to minimize pitfalls or problems.

We Value the Process.

Our Coaches & Instructors spend time with each participant to discover not only what is on their minds, but what is in their hearts. We gain these insights through meaningful activities with specific equine herd members that are uniquely aligned to each individual’s learning needs.