Volunteer With Spirit Song

Volunteer With Spirit Song

Volunteer opportunities abound at a non-profit facility our size. With so many horses to feed and care for, our Volunteers are the backbone of all we do here at Spirit Song.

Our volunteers help in so many ways – from grooming horses, to mucking out stalls. They help care for the grounds, maintain our facilities, greet our campers and guests, and set the bar for what it means to lead by example. Volunteers come from all backgrounds, have varied life experiences, and vary widely in age. From high school students looking for a summer experience, to retirees wanting to engage in something new, we welcome your inquiries!

Spirit Song is located outside Anna, Texas. So it makes sense that we first look to our local communities for the volunteer help that we need. If you live in the area and are curious about our facility, our team and our work, we invite you to read on.

4 Benefits when you Volunteer

Visible Impact of Your Effort

When you volunteer at Spirit Song you see the results of your work. You can track the progress of students – and horses – over time and know that your efforts contributed to their positive outcome.

You’ll Forge a Support Network

Your work to strengthen others helps strengthen you.  When you volunteer, you find like-minded people with similar interests. They can become new friends, ready and able to add dimension to your life.

Volunteering Improves Your Health and Wellness

Multiple studies have shown that volunteering has incredible health benefits. The good work you do for others helps to fight of social isolation and depression.  Some of the practical and tangible signs of this positive trajectory are: experiencing less chronic pain and seeing a boost in functional capabilities. improved mood and the ability to relax are two more noticable signs. These benefits are even greater for older volunteers who desire a sense of purpose and who truly want to make an impact.

Volunteering Can Help You Find and Channel Your Passion

Volunteers already exhibit passion for their community or an issue, but the skills you pick up as a volunteer can lead to a new hobby or career. for younger people, volunteering improves your career outlook by teaching you new skills and showcasing your motivation and work ethic.

Our Volunteers

Volunteers at Spirit Song enjoy flexible schedules, widely varied tasks and the satisfaction of knowing they are truly making an impact in the lives of others.

Help us achieve our mission, while meeting some great people – and HORSES! If you:

  • love horses
  • enjoy meeting people
  • are driven by passion
  • have infinite patience (because horses have a mind of their own!)
  • think creatively
  • are eager to take initiative
  • stay humble about your work
  • can work individually or in teams
  • are curious to discover what equine-assisted learning and personal development is all about, and
  • prefer to work outdoors

Then, we’d like to hear from you!

Our best volunteers have the heart of a Servant Leader. They value relationships, love teamwork, and want to know that they are appreciated.

If you think you might be a good fit with our mission and Bible-based values, we invite you to fill out the form below to request more information.

We’ll be in touch shortly!

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I was made to feel love from everyone on the staff. I felt comfortable and didn’t worry about making a mistake, because I always worry about saying the wrong thing or making mistakes. Horses are the biggest animal I have ever had contact with they were so gentle and friendly. I had no fear of judgement from anyone or the horses. The horses liked me without me even having to talk. They liked me for me. The horses were so gentle and kind. Spirit Song was amazing.

(Age 20)


501(c)3 non-profit

Spirit Song is a Christ-centered 501(c)3 non-profit operation dedicated to equine-assisted life skills development in youth and adults, as individuals and family members.