Team & Organizational Development

Spirit Song’s Team and Organizational Development programs and workshops provide opportunities for teams to evaluate and improve their performance and productivity. Activities with our equine partners provide valuable opportunities to explore both the dysfunctions and positive aspects of a team’s working relationship, opening doors for important discussions and adjustments, which can lead to great overall improvements. As herd animals, horses’ interactions with one another give participants fresh insights into the functions of their teams. Each horse plays a vital role in the survival and wellbeing of the herd, and any breakdowns in these roles is quickly addressed to ensure that the herd can thrive. Human “herds” often do not address issues, which leads to breakdowns in communication and lack of trust within the team – ultimately threatening the team and business productivity and success. If discussions happen, they are often not conducted in healthy ways that promote growth and learning. Spirit Song’s equine activities, combined with a coaching model, provide an ideal environment for these conversations to happen.

The arena activities challenge teams to step outside of their everyday work environment, learning about one another’s leadership and work styles outside of the traditional locales. The team will be provided with opportunities to evaluate their habits, culture, and morale, bringing awareness to the ways in which the team’s relationships and productivity is affected by these important, yet often unaddressed, matters. The transformational model Spirit Song uses brings awareness to potential changes that will benefit the team by allowing the team members to develop action steps and by challenging them to hold one another accountable.