Spirit Song Youth Equestrian Academy Testimonials

What people are saying

We gauge the success of our programs, in large part, on the responses we get from our students and clients. We LOVE feedback! It helps guide us in the development and delivery of all we do at Spirit Song Youth Equestrian Academy – from introducing new students to our facility, to building exciting equine-assisted learning activities that promote growth, insight and interpersonal skills. Great outcomes are foremost in our minds, every day.

Here is a sampling of comments from current and former students.

Fun, friendly and I love touching the horses. They didn’t care if I talked.

(Age 16)

Spirit Song YEA!, an answer to prayer! Throughout our daughter’s journey at Spirit Song, her instructors have diligently and prayerfully planted the seeds of character into her life; the fruit of which my husband and I have watched grow to maturity: humility, self-discipline, mental focus, leadership, thoughtfulness, commitment, initiative, and courage. Although she began as a young child with only a simple love of horses and an insatiable desire to ride, she has developed into an accomplished young equestrian prepared for whatever life might bring her way, in the saddle – or out of it! We are grateful to Spirit Song YEA! staff and horses for providing our daughter with this life-changing opportunity!
Laura H.

The horses–“I learned a lot about horses during my lessons. I loved how the horses showed how they felt through body language and how I should approach and act around them. The horses were so beautiful, sweet and sensitive in a good way. They accepted who I was from the very beginning”.

(Age 11)

Spirit Song has had a great impact in my daughter’s life as I have watched her grow from a shy, timid girl into a confident, strong, assured young lady. Her time at Spirit Song with these amazing instructors has formed a solid base of knowledge of the care and handling of horses. More importantly though, her character and heart have been carefully respected and encouraged. The staff makes Spirit Song a safe haven for both the students and the horses they care for. A truly unique and nurturing place in an idyllic setting, that is Spirit Song.

I was made to feel love from everyone on the staff. I felt comfortable and didn’t worry about making a mistake, because I always worry about saying the wrong thing or making mistakes. Horses are the biggest animal I have ever had contact with they were so gentle and friendly. I had no fear of judgement from anyone or the horses. The horses liked me without me even having to talk. They liked me for me. The horses were so gentle and kind. Spirit Song was amazing.

(Age 20)

Allison and Starr–“they made me feel like I could open up and be myself. The staff was so nice and gentle. They made me feel like I could do anything and accomplish my goals. To them my thoughts and opinions mattered, they wanted to hear what I had to say.”


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Spirit Song Youth Equestrian Academy (SSYEA) is a Christ-centered 501(c)3 non-profit operation dedicated to equine-assisted life skills development in youth and adults, as individuals and family members.